00 Nissan Altima Fuse Box

00 Nissan Altima Fuse Box - 2. Pull the fuse box cover to remove. 3. Remove the fuse with the fuse puller. 4. If the fuse is open, replace it with a known good fuse. 5. Push the fuse box cover to install. 6. If a new fuse also opens, have the electrical system checked and repaired by a NISSAN dealer.. NissanPartsDeal.com offers the lowest price online for genuine Nissan Fuse Box. Backed by Nissan's warranty, Fuse Boxes restore factory performance.. 28.10.2012  · Well sounds as if you found the under dash fuses and the retangular fuse box next to the battery. Also on the passengers side of the engine compartment is above the fan belts is a black cover over the IPDM "inteliigent power distribution module" on the black cover is laser etched fuse location and the IPDM releases and pulls up to look at the fuses. there is also some big fuse links.

23.04.2007  · Hey all. Ive been searching the forum for awhile, as well as google and cant find what I need. How can I get a diagram or picture that explains what each fuse in an '05 altima does? There is a low level diagram inside the fuse box cover but I. SOURCE: replacement of a head gasket on 2.5 liter nissan altima 2002 frajogag: First off, be aware that these bolts are "torque to yield" bolts (streach bolts). What this means is that instead of torqueing the head bolts to a specific torque specification, they are torqued down to a set spec and then tightened by rotating the bolts a certain angle, like 90 degrees. and all of them are turned. I have a 2005 nisson altima 2.5. i have no brake lights,radio, air or panel lights inside my car.i checked the fuse box - Answered by a verified Nissan Mechanic.

26.08.2004  · Isn't at least *one* of the above mentioned circuits powered from this fuse panel?!? So for starters, can anyone tell me where the fuse panels gets it's battery supply from? Is it the two ~12+ AWG wires tapped directly off the battery terminal? Are these the two large single-conductor connectors under my dash, to the side of the fuse panel? I. APDTY 035189 Fuse Fusibile Link Holder Battery Positive Mounted Wiring Connector Fits 2002-2006 Nissan Altima 2003-2007 Murano 2004-2008 Maxima 2007-2015 Versa (Replaces 24380-79912, 2438079912). Extended storage switch (if so equipped) Nissan Altima / Nissan Altima Owners Manual / Maintenance and do-it-yourself / Fuses / Passenger compartment / Extended storage switch (if so equipped) NOTE: The extended storage switch is used for long term vehicle storage. Even if the extended storage switch is broken it is not necessary to replace it. Replace only the open fuse in.

Notes: Included With Fuse & Relay Box. Included With Main Engine Room Harness. Included With Wire Harness. Included With Main Engine Room Harness. Included With Wire Harness..